Bryan Schenck, Amanda Doenges and David Deal Presenting at DesignColumbus 2020

@ Columbus State Community College
March 9, 2020 | 7 AM - 6:30 PM @ Columbus State Community College

HEAPY has three colleagues presenting at DesignColumbus 2020! Bryan Schenck will discuss the step-by-step process of how to achieve Net Zero and present on, “From LEED Gold to NetZero: A Practical Approach to Getting There.” Two other HEAPY colleagues, Amanda Doenges and David Deal are discussing their Higher Education expertise, elaborating on creative mechanisms of how to reach campus energy and sustainability goals, titled “Higher Education Challenges and Opportunities & The Future of Energy Efficiency.”

Bryan is presenting with Legat Architect’s colleague, Dennis Paben. Together they will describe how Net Zero Energy can be achieved in a typical public school building. They will present the pros and cons through an organized matrix and the return on your investment, the process of going from LEED Gold to Net Zero and the calculations behind it all.

Hear from Amanda and David as they are discussing today’s challenges and opportunities facing Higher Education Institutions in attempting to balance the need to modernize critical energy and building infrastructure, while also achieving campus sustainability goals and high performance environments. In attending this presentation, you will familiarize yourself more with the challenges and opportunities facing Higher Education Institutions, understand the process and projects Universities and Colleges have tackled to address their energy and sustainability goals and hear from other professionals and their different perspectives on how students are impacting the future of energy infrastructure.

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