Heapy worked with TriHealth and GBBN to design a space for patients going through what could be one of the most stressful and difficult times in their life, a cancer diagnosis. The Harold M. and Eugenia S. Thomas Comprehensive Care Center delivers comprehensive cancer care at every stage of the patient’s journey, from diagnosis through treatment.

An inclusive and thoughtful planning approach, including programming interviews and visioning sessions, ensured patients going through cancer treatment could embrace a multi-disciplinary treatment and support space.

Extensive collaboration was required for the 3 story open atrium/lobby with large amounts of glass and how to distribute airflow into the space, lighting of the space and smoke evacuation. Diffusers were placed at the floor of the large glass to allow airflow to rise up along the perimeter glass to cover the heating/cooling load. We implemented radiant heat in the slab of the lobby to provide supplemental comfort heat for occupants on the main floor directly off the two vestibules.

Heapy collaborated with GBBN to create lighting schemes to give the sense of nature throughout the building as well as a two story tall green wall to help bring the outside nature into the building.

Heapy worked within the project parameters early in the project to give the owner the most efficient system possible for the building, with redundant fans in air handlers and a redundant boiler/pump for heating system. The air handlers are tied together via ductwork on each side of the building to give extra redundancy in case if one of the air handlers were to be shut down for any reason.

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