CIRCLE OF ARROWS No CBC websiteHeapy Engineering is well known for its ability to manage the planning, design, and construction process for projects of all sizes and complexity.   Heapy Engineering has completed numerous Strategic and Master Plan initiatives with specific emphasis in the Health Care, Higher Education and Sustainability/Energy markets. 

Building on this Planning expertise, Heapy Engineering provides an integrated approach to Planning that encompasses Comprehensive Asset Management and the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).  Planning that places value on integration of TCO principles can ultimately provide organizations with strategic funding opportunities as well.

Oftentimes an organization’s institutional leadership and facilities management teams seem to be far apart, when their end goals are definitely the same.   Heapy Engineering’s approach to Strategic and Master Planning is designed to bridge this potential gap between the long term mission/vision of the boardroom and the realities of ongoing building management.

Strategic Planning

  • Benchmarking
  • Market Analysis
  • Financial Analysis
  • Funding, Fund Raising & Marketing
  • Recommendations for New Spaces/Buildings
  • Facility Cost Projections/Life Cycle Cost Analysis
  • Capacity Analysis and Use Assessment

Master Planning

  • Charrette Process
  • Existing Condition Analysis
  • Site-Specific Physical Plan for Buildings
  • Infrastructure and Systems within the Site
  • Aesthetics of Buildings and Grounds
  • Phasing Plans for Buildings
  • Construction Estimates
  • Conceptual Design


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