Wright State University 69KV Substation

WSU_69_KV_1Heapy Engineering designed the new 69 KV primary to 12.47 KV secondary substation which was constructed on the campus near the existing incoming service for the campus along Raider Road. 

This new substation includes 2 complete 12/16/20 MVA substation transformers with load tap changers; 2 - SF6 69 KV circuit switchers; 69 KV take-off tower(s) and 69 KV WSU_69_KV_2isolation switches; 15 KV outdoor sheltered-aisle switchgear with 2 – main, 1 – bus tie, 3 – feeder and 1 or 2 spare 15 KV vacuum breakers complete with 69 KV and 12.47 KV relaying; 15 KV cable termination/lightning arrester structure on secondary side of transformers; and other supporting facilities including three backfeeds of the existing 12.47 KV loads – Nutter Center – Main Campus – Overhead line serving the Northern Area of campus, grading of site, grounding system, stoning, fencing, substation lighting, and oil pits for transformers.

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