Retro Commissioning is used in existing buildings to improve their overall operational efficiency. In this process, a building’s Mechanical, Electrical, Life Safety, Building Envelope, etc. systems are tested to verify that they perform as required from an energy and people efficient perspective.

Typical Benefits of Retro-Commissioning

  • Identifies and addresses system inefficiencies that can cause the building owner and/or tenants to incur high operating and mainte¬nance costs, as well as premature replacement costs.
  • Improves the building’s overall performance by optimizing ener¬gy-efficient design features and di-rectly addressing issues like equip¬ment performance and system integration.
  • Helps drive down building operating expenses, generating a higher NOI and an increase asset value for the property.
  • Reduces comfort complaints that lead to tenant turnover.
  • Identifies potential indoor environmental quality issues and helps assuage occupant complaints.
  • Ensures that building operations meet owner expectations.
  • Provides benefits beyond energy savings, which can generate associated revenue.  These benefits include extended equipment life, improved thermal comfort and indoor air quality, labor savings, increased productivity/safety, and liability reduction.
  • Verifies that building staff are well-trained and have the documentation they need to effectively and efficiently operate and maintain the building.
  • Provides indirect cost savings and improvements; owners and building managers benefit from improved equipment performance and system operations, and building staff receive training and improved documentation.
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