Cincinnati 911

Cincinnati_911_1This project consists of the renovation of an existing facility into a 40,000 SF Emergency Response Center with a 911 Call Dispatch and SWAT / Emergency Response Vehicle Storage Bay serving the City of Cincinnati. 

Design responsibilities included plumbing, mechanical, electrical, technology, and security systems for the entire facility, including network and cabling design associated with the 911 Call Center and the Dispatch.   

Cincinnati_911_2Additionally, the facility incorporated an Emergency Operations Center (EOC) for the Tri-State region from which government activities associated with disaster management will be conducted. 

The project could be Cincinnati's most high-profile use of federal homeland security money that is filtering down to U.S. cities.  A substantial amount of money and effort was spent to build a sleek, mission-control-like operating pit with giant video screens and rows of computer stations where analysts work year-round.  

It brings city police, fire and public health officials together under one roof and houses a new "terrorist early warning" group. The band of law enforcement officials will assess local terror threats and study ways to beef up security at potential targets, such as high-rise buildings. 

Although the operations center will serve as a "war room" for all terror threats - biological, chemical, radiological and nuclear - it can be pressed into action for any kind of emergency.

The project was completed in 2005 with a Mechanical-Electrical construction cost of $1,200,000 and a total construction cost of $3,500,000.

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