NCR Data Center Beltsville, MD

Heapy provided Electrical design for the upgrades of the existing data center, which now provides Tier 4 electrical distribution for increased redundancy and reliability. 

The project included new 3000A Electrical Service, new 450 KVA UPS, new Automatic Transfer Switch and Emergency Distribution, relocation of the 1250 KVA Gen-Set and reconfiguration of the Electrical service to the mechanical cooling equipment. 

Tier 4 site infrastructure provides for the ability to perform activities without disruption to the critical load. It also provides fault-tolerant functionality, meaning that one worst-case unplanned failure (ie. Loss of a UPS) will not impact the critical load.It requires simultaneously active electrical distribution paths in a System + System layout. Each system has N+1 (“Need plus One”) redundancy design. Each System component has the capacity to service the entire load with an available back-up (+1). 

The electrical distribution upgrades established a Tier 4 infrastructure with the development of parallel System distribution paths down to the computer load level. 

The project was completed in 2008.

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