AEP Transmission Operation Data Center Commissioning

AEP_Transmission_Operation_Data_Center_1Heapy Engineering provided Commissioning Services for American Electric Power’s new 83,000 SF Transmission Operations Data Center.The Transmission Operations Data Center is a Tier IV facility that consists of 3 levels of redundant HVAC systems, switchgear, UPS, and generators.

Commissioning Services for the Operations Center involve the following systems: chilled water, heating hot water, air distribution, exhaust, automatic temperature control, electrical power distribution, and emergency power.

There are two separate chilled water plants consisting of four air-cooled chillers to produce chilled water to the facility’s air handling and CRAC units in a 2(n+1) arrangement. Centrifugal pumps on variable frequency drives distribute chilled water throughout the facility. Each chilled water system has a standby pump for redundancy. The computer and telecommunications rooms each have dedicated backup CRAC units in case of primary unit failure or maintenance. Leak detection is provided under the raised floor. The facility is served by redundant central air handlers. All central plant HVAC equipment including the Direct Digital Control (DDC) System is on emergency power.

The facility is fed from two separately derived primary electrical utility sources. Standby power generation is provided by two separate generator sets, each consisting of two generators. Critical power is provided by two UPS supplies. Each UPS system is sized to service the facility’s entire critical load. The separate utilities, switchgear lineups, UPS systems, and generator systems are configured to achieve a Tier IV design.

The project was completed in 2008 with a total construction cost of $29 million.

This project is LEED-NC Silver Certified.

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