Milton Union K-12 School

milton unioin extHeapy Engineering designed the Mechanical-Electrical systems and provided LEED Program Management for the new 217,000 SF K-12 school.  The new building consolidates the district’s Elementary, Middle and High School into one building.  The project includes classrooms, a cafeteria, gymnasium, library, media center and stage.

Some of the green initiatives include:

  • LED lighting outside and fluorescent lighting with reduce wattage on the inside.  Classrooms have large windows to utilize natural lighting with a system that automatically dims inside lighting when it’s bright outside  
  • Water tubes located inside solar panels on the roof absorb the sun’s heat, reducing or eliminating the need for hot water heaters
  • Solar panels collect the sun’s heat to be converted into electricity
  • 120-foot wind turbine
  • A 75,000-gallon reservoir collects rainwater that can be used in restrooms, showers and for watering the fields
  • High efficiency chillers make ice inside storage tanks during the night (when the energy required to run them is less costly) and the thermal energy is used during the day to cool the water that circulates through the building’s air conditioning system
  • Energy management monitoring is used in all four of the building’s wings allowing for location specific adjustments

milton union libraryThis project is LEED Gold.

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