Denison University Ebaugh Labs

Denison U Ebaugh LabsHeapy Engineering provided LEED Program Management and Commissioning Services for the 45,000 SF renovation and 10,000 SF addition to Ebaugh Labs.  
Commissioning Services include the following building systems:
•    Air Terminal Unit (VAV, CV, FPU)
•    Fan Coil/Blower Coil Unit
•    Exhaust Fan
•    HHW Boiler
•    Laboratory Controls
•    Domestic Hot Water Heater
•    Engine Generator
•    Automatic Transfer Switch
•    Lighting Control System
As a part of the project, Heapy also provided Thermography.  Infrared thermography quickly locates thermal patterns that show the presence of insulation voids, the location of excessive air leakage in commercial/educational buildings, and abnormal heating associated with high resistance or excessive current flow in electrical equipment.

The project is LEED Gold.

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