Aullwood Audubon Farm Center

Aullwood Adubon Farm Center LPMHeapy Engineering designed the Mechanical-Electrical systems and provided LEED Program Management for the new education center to highlight working farm activities of the Aullwood Audubon Center.  The facility includes classrooms and a multipurpose area.  The programs educate visitors about the livestock raised and organic produce grown on the farm.

The Farm Discovery Center will become the country’s only farm-based Head Start preschool as part of the new building that will showcase green practices.

The new farm center building will be used for students to study water, soil and plant sciences, house the Head Start program (between 20 and 40 students) and serve as a community gathering place.

The Farm is an excellent example of how humans fit into natural water and energy cycles.

  • Solar energy provides a necessary ingredient for photosynthesis. Animals, including humans, run on solar energy brought to us by this energy pathway. Sun - Grass - Cattle - Hamburger - Human - Manure
  • The water cycle is influenced by the degree of percolation or rainwater into the soil.
  • The Spring House is a simple way to use the buffering power of the soil and the thermal mass of ground water to stay cool in summer.
  • The windmill can be seen spinning and pumping up water. The Sun and moisture drive weather systems.
  • The wetland behind the Spring House has a gravity driven water ram which pumps water. Most of the water flows by but a little is pumped up above the source!.
  • In the Thomas Building (the office, giftshop and classroom building), an earth coupled heat pump (ground loop heat pump) is used to take heat from the ground in winter and dump heat in the ground in summer.

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