SCC Energy Master Plan

SCC Energy MPSinclair Community College commissioned Heapy Engineering to produce a campus-wide Energy Master Plan of their sprawling downtown Dayton campus.  Against a backdrop of rising energy prices, supply reliability, and the climate change impacts of energy creation, Sinclair Community College recognized the importance of strategically assessing its energy use.  This urban campus, which serves over 28,000 students, consists of 20 buildings and over 1.7 Million square feet of space.  

A critical element of this Energy Master Plan process was to position the Project to blend in and incorporate the College’s Strategic Energy Plan.

The outcome of the effort was a comprehensive approach to the implementation of energy conservation measures (ECMs) that will reduce energy consumption and/or cost.  These ECMs included equipment upgrades, maintenance, control, alternative energy sources, or operational changes at the site.  

Additionally, this effort included:

  • Analyzing the College’s energy conservation efforts to date and incorporating ECMs that will meet the requirements of the HB251 legislation.  (HB251 mandates a 20% energy consumption reduction goal for all State of Ohio agencies/organizations).
  • Identifying an overall Energy Master Plan that establishes an action plan, strategies and projects for implementation
  • Providing guidance on best practices regarding:
  • Energy standards and plans
  • Sustainability practices
  • Renewable Energy opportunities (I.E.: solar, wind, geothermal)
  • Minimizing overall environmental impact of energy use, including greenhouse gas creation (either on-site or indirectly at the off-site source)
  • Carbon market strategy
  • Opportunities with utility providers

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