City of Columbus Vehicle Impound Facility LEED

City_of_Columbus_Vehicle_Impound_LotHeapy Engineering provided LEED Program Management and Commissioning Services for the new 16,858 SF Vehicle Impound Facility.  This L-shaped facility is shared between the Parking Violations Bureau and the Police Department.  Each group is housed in their own wing, but share common space in the middle including a lobby.  Both tenants share a separate 7,800 SF storage facility.  Site parking is provided for 120 employees and visitors as well as an additional impound lot that holds 3,750 vehicles.

The following strategies were incorporated into the facility’s design in their pursuit for energy efficiency and LEED certification:

  • Established a goal for over 30% of the materials used to build the facility to contain recycled content.
  • Established a goal for over 40% of the materials used to build the facility to be extracted, processed, and manufactured within 500 miles of Columbus, Ohio.
  • 94% of all regularly occupied spaces inside the facility have been provided with a view to the outside
  • To significantly reduce heat island effect, over 90% of the roof has been provided with a highly reflective roof material.
  • Drought tolerant, native and adaptive planting species were used so that no irrigation system would be required.
  • A wet basin was provided to treat site storm water runoff from entering existing streams.
  • Established a goal to divert 50% of construction waste from landfill.

The project was completed in 2010 with total construction cost of $3,883,950. 

This project is LEED Registered.

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