Wright State University Diggs Laboratory LEED

WSU_Diggs_1Heapy Engineering provided engineering insight/services for the Master Plan of the existing 140,000 SF of laboratories in Wright State University Science and Mathematics Department.

The Master Plan was completed in 2004 and subsequently Heapy Engineering was awarded the engineering design and LEED Program Management Services for the new Bio-Science III facility.  This new 45,000 SF facility creates research space for the life sciences WSU_Diggs_2and other research initiatives in the College of Science and Mathematics and the School of Medicine.

The new Biological Science building contains research laboratories that will consume around four (4) times the energy of a normal classroom building.  In order to reduce the operational cost, reduce resource consumption, reduce impact on environment and increase indoor air quality the project will utilize the LEED rating system as a benchmark for the building design. 

Some of the “green” technologies included in this project include:

  1. Approximately 30% reduction in water use by implementing waterless urinals and low flow lavatories and other plumbing fixtures.
  2. A significant reduction in heat island effect by using an Energy Star based roof and minimizing the use of impervious surfaces.
  3. Day lighting is available to 75% of occupied space within the building through the extensive use of vertical glazing.
  4. Sunshading devices that help to manage solar gain
  5. Low VOC emitting adhesives and sealants, paints, carpet, and composite wood are used throughout.
  6. At least 75% of the waste created from construction/demolition will be recycled or salvaged and therefore diverted from disposal in landfills and incinerators.
  7. Energy consumption will be reduced through the use of heat recovery, efficient HVAC equipment, and increased insulation.

This project is LEED-NC Gold Certified.  The project was completed in 2007 with a total construction cost of $11.42 million and a Mechanical-Electrical cost of $4.36 million.  Total project costs, including construction, Commissioning and LEED Services came in 4% under project budget.

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