Springboro City Schools

Springboro_City_Schools_1Heapy Engineering designed the Mechanical-Electrical systems for the district’s building program of two new elementary schools and renovation of the middle school and high school. Heapy also provided commissioning services for these buildings. 

To support the educational program of the district, the new elementary schools were divided into two smaller schools within each building, complete with their own adSpringboro_City_Schools_2ministration areas. Each building is 100,000 SF and serves 1,000 students in grades 1-6. The buildings were completed in 2006.  The total construction cost was $30,000,000 with a Mechanical-Electrical cost of $9,000,000. 

The high school addition accommodates 600 more students (67,000 SF).  The design includes: classrooms, science labs, an art room, computer lab and music room.  The total construction cost was $7,836,000.  Additional renovations occurred at the junior high school and the 6th grade elementary school with a total construction cost of $6,476,818.

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