Olentangy Local Schools

Olentangy_Schools_1Heapy Engineering designed the Mechanical systems for ten new elementary schools and a new high school.  The ten elementary schools were similar except for geographic orientation.   

Heapy did the original design in 1999 for the Oak Creek elementary school.  The 70,000 SF single story building is square shaped with classrooms and office/admin areas on the perimeter.  In the center is a gym with a dividing wall, Olentangy_Schools_2which connects to a cafeteria and stage area.  The library and music rooms are located at opposite ends of the core area.  A kitchen is located next to the mechanical room. 

The same design was applied to the nine additional schools.  Some of the designs have been modified to include energy upgrades along with the addition of a main entrance lobby.  Each school building has been adapted to the site for orientation and site utility accessibility.  

Heapy also designed the Mechanical systems for Liberty High School.  The 302,000 SF school includes classrooms, offices, two gymnasiums, wrestling room, weight room, locker rooms, drama classroom, band room, woodshop, library, full service kitchen, and cafeteria. In addition, Heapy designed the mechanical systems for the new Orange High School.

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