The Ohio State University Student Academic Services Building

OSU_Student_Academic_ServicesHeapy Engineering designed the Mechanical-Electrical systems for the new 127,000 SF Student Academic Services Building and 450,000 SF Lane Avenue Parking Garage.
The six story facility houses core functions such as: admissions, registrar, financial aid, enrollment services, fees & deposits, and student loan disbursements.
The new 450,000 SF multi-deck parking garage provides 1400 spaces.  There is also a recreation lawn for student use.
The project includes a 400 KW natural gas generator.  The project also included extending new 13.2 KV primary ductbank from the manhole located in the Drackett Tower loading dock area, across Neil Ave., to the project site.
This project is LEED® Silver.

The project was completed in 2010 with a total construction cost of $62,907,183.

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