Indiana University Data Center Infrastructure

Indiana University Data Center 1Heapy Engineering designed multiple Mechanical-Electrical system upgrades to the infrastructure within Indiana University’s Data Center. These projects include  multiple capacity expansions for various Enterprise and Research Computing needs.

Initially, this work began with modifications to support the relocation of their Research Supercomputer, “Big Red” from a separate existing building. Most recently Heapy has completed a project to replace this supercomuter with the new “Big Red II.”  

The original Big Red was one of the most powerful university-owned computers in the US, and one of the 50 fastest supercomputers in the world. Part of a comprehensive strategy to build an advanced cyber infrastructure to support research at Indiana University, Big Red has a theoretical peak performance of more than 30 teraflops, and has achieved more than 21 teraflops on numerical computations.

Big Red II is the first announced system capable of at least 1 petaflop that is owned by and operated solely for the benefit of a single university.Indiana University Data Center 2

The mechanical infrastructure upgrades included a large, built-up cooling distribution system to circulate cooling water to the high-density rack mounted cooling units.  Racks are equipped with rack direct, high-density cooling units and utilize hot-aisle/cold-aisle cooling strategy.  Heapy Engineering utilized CFD modeling of the data center rack layouts to ensure proper thermal and airflow performance of the high-density racks in the modified rack configuration.

The electrical infrastructure upgrade included new UPS systems based on both battery back-up and flywheel technology supporting dual cord power distribution for the rack systems.

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