Miami University Maple Street Station

Miami University Maple Street 1Heapy Engineering is providing mechanical-electrical services to a new residence hall and dining facility on Miami University’s main campus. The design for this new 78,000 square foot, 2.5-story building complements the existing Collegiate Georgian style of the campus with its brick facade, pitched roof, and double hung windows. The intimate scale and massing strategy creates a visual impression of a series of small inter-connected buildings that responds to the existing campus architecture.Miami University Maple Street 2

The dining portion of the project will include seven distinct venues with individual entries on the ground floor along Maple. The eateries will feature unique dining options from diverse geographic and regional cuisines. The project includes patios with outdoor seating at the front, dining support and back of house spaces, shared prep kitchens, storage, a service and loading dock, and an outdoor seating area for 100 students at the Miami University Maple Street 3back of the building facing Bard Field.

The residence hall will occupy the 2nd floor, and offers 90 single and double rooms in an open suite style arrangement. Key design elements include a dedicated entry and identity at the front and back of the building, a lounge/lobby space, group study areas, laundry, and kitchenettes for each housing pod. Each suite will have a living room, group study, and centrally located restroom facilities. An RA apartment and social spaces are located in the 3rd floor.

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