The Ohio State University South High Rise

Heapy Engineering is providing the Mechanical-ElectricalOSU South High Rise design for the South High Rise renovation and addition.  This project includes the renovation of Park, Smith, Steeb, Siebert and Stradley Hall buildings (a total of 600,000 SF) and includes two, 11 story additions.  The project will house 2,483 students with 1200 rooms.
The additions will connect Stradely/Park Halls and Smith/Steeb hall, thereby creating two buildings from four.  The project also includes functional, aesthetic and programmatic improvements to the buildings.  Renovations will provide conversion of community bathrooms to semi-private bathrooms and provide public areas with functional and aesthetic improvements.

Some of the building's green features include high performance windows in the new additions, interior daylighting, and an energy consumption dashboard display that will allow students to monitor their energy usage in each building.  Site work around the high rises will include a series of underground rain water retention areas that will help to reduce surface water runoff and reduce the amount of discharge into the city's storm sewer system.

Dorms will be added and renovated to provide heating, cooling sprinklers, power and data upgrades.  The dorms will be heated and cooled with a valance system that reduces energy and maintenance costs.

The project includes a geothermal central heating and cooling plant to serve these buildings and will grow to eventually serve most of the OSU’s south housing.  The closed loop geothermal system will have 460 wells that will be 550’ deep.  The central plant will be able to provide 3200 tons of cooling and 40,000 Kbtu/Hr of heating and use 31% less energy.

The project modified and extended the existing 13.2 KV electrical system.  Work included relocating portions of the existing ductbank and manhole system, around the existing South High Rise Tower buildings, to allow construction of the new additions at Smith/Steeb and Stradley/Park.  After relocation around the High Rise Towers, the new primary ductbank reconnected into the existing ductbank system.  Additionally, the project will extend a new 13.2KV feeder to the site from the high voltage substation on Cannon Dr. to accommodate the new electrical loads associated with the South Campus Housing Complex Chiller System.

This project is pursuing LEED Silver Certification and has an estimated total cost of $172,000,000.

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