Benjamin & Marian Schuster Heart Hospital

KMC Heart Hospital 1Heapy Engineering designed the Mechanical-Electrical systems for the new 5-story, Benjamin and Marian Schuster Heart Hospital.  The $72 million facility serves as a premier cardiac care facility as well as a research and education facility and will include cardiac CT, cardiac MRI and cardiac PET scan.

The hospital features state of the art diagnostic and interventional equipment, including three new cath labs.  One of the labs was constructed as a hybrid cath lab that could be used for surgery should the need arise during a cath procedure.  Two electro-physiology labs were also installed.

To support the addition, the existing central utility plant was modified to expand the chilled water plant, high temperature hot water system, and emergency generation system.All of the modifications were made while keeping the existing systems active.

The project was completed in 2010.

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