WPAFB Marine Corp Reserve Center

WPAFB_Marine_Corp_Reserve_Center_1Heapy Engineering designed the Mechanical-Electrical systems for the 36,231SF new Marine Corps Reserve Center administration facility. The Marine Corps Reserve Center features administration offices, classrooms, a drill hall, medical offices, medical equipment storage, and two enclosed vehicle maintenance bays to support the mission of the MP Company C. 

The building contains the following energy saving strategies and equipment:

  • High efficiency domestic water heater with a recirculation pump.
  • All plumbing fixtures are low flow type to reduce water consumption.
  • High efficiency building heating hot water boilers with primary secondary pumping.
  • Combustion air is being provided directly to each boiler and water heater.
  • Variable speed air-cooled chillers with a high EER and primary pumping.
  • Air-handling unit that has full enthalpy economizer.
  • Supply and return fans on both air-handling units have variable frequency drives to vary the fan speed.  All fans are modulated and staged based on duct static pressure.
  • High Efficiency furnace for the office in the maintenance bay.
  • Radiant Heating system for the maintenance bay.
  • All offices, conference rooms, etc. have occupancy sensors that control the lighting.
  • The corridor lighting is controlled by the building DDC system on a time schedule.

This LEED Silver project was completed in 2009 with a construction cost of $10,000,000.

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