WPAFB_AFIT_1Heapy Engineering designed the Mechanical-Electrical systems for the new Academic Building as part of the AFIT campus for the education training of military personnel.  The new academic Building is three stories high with a total square footage of 48,446 SF.  Support functions include restrooms, mechanical and electrical spaces, audio and video controls, breakout rooms, study and faculty lounges and circulation space that can accommodate larger number or individuals. 

The new facility, located on the AFIT campus in Area B, houses AFIT classrooms, research and administrative functions.Sustainable or "green" features of the project include:          

  • Low-flow plumbing fixtures to reduce water usage and waste.     
  • Landscaping that is indigenous to the area, drought resistant, and does not require irrigation.   
  • New interior finishes incorporate 20% recycled content material and were selected for low volatile organic compound emittance.
  • Twenty percent of all building materials were produced regionally, within 500 miles of WPAFB, which reduces the amount of fuel required for shipping and lowers total carbon gas emissions.

This project is LEED Silver Certified.

The project was completed in 2008 with a total construction cost of $9,500,000 and a mechanical-electrical construction cost of $2,300,000.

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