US Customs Selfridge - LEED-NC Gold

SelfridgeHeapy Engineering designed the Mechanical-Electrical systems and provided LEED Program Management Services for the renovation and addition of Hangar 1422 for the US Customs and Border Patrol.  The US Customs project is a former army hangar that is being turned over and renovated by the US Customs department. The renovations consisted of 40,000 SF of aircraft maintenance hangar and the two-story addition included 13,500 SF of office space.  The building houses border protection pilots and a hangar for aircraft maintenance.  

Plumbing, fire suppression, HVAC, electrical, voice, data, security and fire alarm were completely replaced with new.  The existing foam-water fire suppression system and diesel fire pumps that serve the hangar were refurbished. A new wet pipe system was provided throughout the rest of the new/renovated building. New HVAC system consists of redundant air cooled chillers and gas fired boilers, air handling units and VAV boxes. Existing hangar HVAC system was fully commissioned to ensure performance.  Electrical distribution system consisted of new pad-mounted transformer, 480/277V and 208/120V distribution, 500KW diesel genset capable of running on diesel or jet fuel with 100% building backup and Critical Operations Power Systems per new NEC code section 708. 3 tier, cross zoned heat detection system was provided within the hangar for foam-water activation. 

The project is LEED Gold Certified.

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