The Ohio State University Marion Campus Energy Audits

Heapy Engineering was selected to provide an marenergy audit and conservation retrofit design for five buildings on the OSU Marion Campus. These audits will assist with compliance of House Bill 251 enacted by the Ohio General Assembly in December of 2006. The goal of the energy audit is to reduce on and off campus energy consumption by 20% by the end of 2014.

Buildings/Facilities included the Energy Audit were:

  • Morrill Hall, 73,528 SF, built in 1968
  • Technical Education Center, 61,604 SF, built in 1977
  • Alber Student Center, 30,781 SF, built in 1986
  • Library Classroom Building, 48,970 SF, built in 1996
  • Maintenance / Storage / Receiving Building, 10,566 SF, built in 1999

Our Energy Assessment Services included:

  • Performed a complete utility analysis of each facility
  • Performed a brief walk-through survey of each facility
  • Met with owner/operator and occupants to learn of existing operating and maintenance problems
  • Analyzed all potential energy saving measures identified and calculated the energy savings, implementation costs, maintenance savings (when applicable) and project paybacks.
  • Identify potential capital improvements for further study, and provide an initial estimate of potential costs and savings.
  • Review mechanical and electrical system design, installed condition, maintenance practices, and operating methods.
  • Review the list of practical modifications with the owner/operator.
  • Estimate the potential savings in energy cost and its energy index.
  • Estimate the cost of each practical measure.

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