Institute for Scientific Research

Heapy Engineering provided Commissioning Servicesinstitute sci research 1 for the 263,000 SF world class laboratories, one of the largest R&D facilities in the nation. The building accommodates over 500 researches and support staff, and includes raised access floors, fiber-optic and audio-visual networks, small-scale manufacturing areas, flight simulators, and administrative offices. The facility includes a general reception area, a multi-purpose exhibition center, conference auditorium, research and technical library and food service

• Easily reconfigurable laboratory space to accommodate projects of various sizes
• Two-story flexible environment for both hard and soft research
• Flight Simulator Lab (Four-story flexible environment)

• Auditorium -- Equipped for multiple language simultranslation and international tele-video conferencing
• Classrooms -- Equipped for distance learning with A/V infrastructure
• Wireless Capability

Commissioning Servicesinstitute sci research 2
• The Building is LEED Registered with the intent for the building to attain the Certified rating.
• Fundamental Building Commissioning Prerequisite (Eap1): including review of the Design Intent, the development of a Commissioning Plan, Hardware/equipment verification and Functional Testing of the Energy Consuming systems in the building and the completion of a Commissioning report.
• Additional Commissioning Credit (Eac3): including peer review of the documents, independent review of the submittals for compliance, the completion of a re-commissioning manual, and a 11 month operational walk-through with the Facilities personnel.

“I appreciate what your company has done for me when it comes to commissioning this building.  Your Commissioning Agent has gone out of his way to get me everything, and to do everything I need to make my job easier when this building is turned over to me.  Thank you for your performance and outstanding service.”

Joe Alvarez, Facility Supervisor
Institute for Scientific Research

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