Columbus Hollywood Casino Commissioning

Hollywoood CasinoHeapy Engineering was retained by the Hollywood Casino to provide Fundamental and Enhanced Commissioning services.

The following building systems were commissioned:

  • Cooling Systems Heating Systems Central Air Handling Systems
  • Terminal Units
  • Fan Coil Units
  • Computer Room AC Units
  • Exhaust Systems Including Valet, General, and Kitchen Systems
  • Exterior Lighting Systems (as controlled by the Building Automation System)

The Building Envelope Commissioning (BECx) Process started during the Design Phase by integrating BECx into the Commissioning Plan. A review of the 50% CDs was performed by the Commissioning Authority (CxA). The results of the review were shared with the Owner and Design Team and tracked on an issues log. Comments were incorporated into the CDs and reviewed again prior to the release of bid documents.

BECx Process requirements were incorporated into the specifications to ensure that the Contractors were aware of the BECx Process and that the requirements were stated clearly.

Hollywood Casino InteriorPrior to construction, a Commissioning Kick-off Meeting was held with the Commissioning Team (Owner, Design Team, Contractors, CxA) to review the requirements and scope of Commissioning, roles and responsibilities of the Team Members, and schedule.

During construction, the CxA reviewed the progress of construction and provided detailed issues log reports to the Commissioning Team. All issues documented through the BECx Process that were not immediately addressed were recorded to the issues log. Contractors responded to each item indicating that an item had been corrected or that some resolution to an issue was reached with the Owner, Design Team, or CxA.

Following the completion of the construction phase of the project, the Team tested the building pressure to ensure that the building was positively pressurized to approximately 0.005 inches of water column. The thermal performance of the building was then tested utilizing an infrared thermal imaging camera.

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