Dayton Tech Town Creative Technology Accelerator

CTA_1Heapy Engineering designed the Mechanical-Electrical systems for the new 48,050 SF Creative Technology Accelerator Building (CTA) for the Tech Town Campus.  The design includes a three-story shell building with the third floor having a partial floor with an open roof deck, available for use as a roof garden or other use.  

The Tech Town Campus is a brownfield redevelopment project located on the 30 acre former CTA_2General Motors site in Dayton.  The Master Plan indicates that up to 16 new, creative, technology buildings may be constructed on the site totaling up to 425,000 SF.  The Campus is comprised of a technology-oriented live/work/play district consisting of unique housing, a high density of technology employers, and lots of diverse leisure options. 

The CTA building is used as a technology based office building. The facility includes: office, learning, group meeting and computer laboratory spaces.  An emphasis was placed on accommodating wireless networking, secure networking, fiber networking and uninterruptible computing. 

A DDC system maintains building conditions and proper system operation. The DDC system is equipped with scheduling features to permit occupied/unoccupied operation as well as morning warm up and optimum start control strategies. 

The HVAC system for this building is a Well Water Geothermal Pump System.  Well water is pumped from a well, thru a heat exchanger and then discharged into the storm catch basin.  The condenser water for the heat pumps is a closed loop system that flows thru the heat exchanger.  The temperature of the condenser water controls the well pump if the loop temperature falls below 52 degrees F or rises above 85 degree F, the well pump is energized.  The well water heats or cools the condensor water loop, but is separated with the heat exchanger.  Individual heat pump units serve the various thermal zones of the building.  A dedicated outside air heat pump (with an energy recovery wheel) delivers tempered outside air to the individual heat pumps.

The project was completed in 2009 with a construction cost of $5,000,000 and a Mechanical-Electrical cost of $1,800,000.  This project is LEED® Gold Certified.  This project received certification under the LEED for Core and Shell rating system.

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