AT&T Chicago

ATTHeapy Engineering designed the Mechanical-Electrical systems for the six story, 100,000 SF addition just east of the existing 30-story tower and renovation of 850,000 SF with possible expansion to 18 stories in the future.  

The project included removal of the existing standby power plant, removal of the existing chiller plant, a new chiller plant, a new standby power plant, all connections from the existing building systems to the new chiller and standby power plants and 4 shelled floors for future telephone switching equipment.   

Heapy Engineering designed the Mechanical-Electrical systems for the new addition which included an HVAC system capable of delivering 4,700 tons of cooling load to the new building addition and existing tower from an 8,000 SF chiller plant, six 2000 KW generators paralleled together to deliver 100% standby power to the building addition and the existing tower and a complete electrical distribution system with the ability to deliver over 10,000 amps to the new addition.  

The AT&T network was never jeopardized (no outages) during all of the critical cutover operations that were performed under Heapy Engineering’s direction.

The project was completed in 2001 with a total construction cost of $52,500,000.

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