Digital Design

Recognizing a shift in the industry towards BIM (Building Information Modeling), Heapy Engineering was an early advocate and adopter. Heapy Engineering has completed a multitude of BIM projects. We made a conscientious effort not to limit ourselves to a single product, as there are several software vendors that have effective solutions regarding the BIM process. We have found that by not limiting ourselves to a particular product solution we can effectively serve the various needs of our clients regarding the final product format they desire. This has allowed us to gain a much deeper understanding of these products and how they interact with each other and additional products as well. This has paid huge dividends for our clients as we have helped to guide them to success with their projects in regards to the BIM process that they are also trying to embrace.

Our Engineering Resource team is dedicated to monitoring the development of the GSA BIM Standards, which includes the standardization efforts by the National Institute of Building Sciences and the US Army Corps of Engineers, as our firm firmly believes that BIM is the way of the future and we have invested heavily in the BIM process.


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