Heapy Engineering 2017 Energy Awards

Awards Program to recognize project teams for their efforts in advancing the Heapy Corporate Mission as We Reduce the Energy Impact of the Built Environment.

Each year, we evaluate projects for exceptional creativity in application of energy saving strategies and award the best projects in multiple disciplines.  As we continue to push ourselves in developing new energy reduction strategies, we work toward achieving our Corporate Vision to Be a World Leader in Energy Performance in the Built Environment.

Our Top Performing projects for 2017 are:

Energy Optimization - Wayne Hospital Retro-Commissioning

The focus of this effort was based around the central energy plant, the New Addition of the facility and several AHU’s located in the existing building. The retro-commissioning effort and utility analysis uncovered several areas where energy could be conserved.

Utilizing trend data from the Building Automation System, annual savings of 307,665 kWh and 5,498 ccf and a reduction in demand of 111 kW due to changes to the chiller sequencing were verified.  

This project generated a rebate for Wayne Hospital of $15,383.25 in addition to the $20,400 of study cost provided by DP&L (80% of the total fee).


Outstanding Achievement - Cope Environmental Center (CEC)
•    Provided Mechanical-Electrical Design and Commissioning services
•    Focus was on how to use less energy
•    Utilized Photovolatics Panels
•    Passive Solar - Designed the building to take in more solar by facing it south and angling it northwest, not only  for light but also for heat
•    Geothermal System

CEC firmly believes that the center’s new facilities exemplify its philosophy and mission to promote the sustainable use of the earth’s resources. For this reason, CEC decided to participate in the Living Building Challenge, which has arguably the most rigorous green building standards in the world, even beyond LEED. CEC hopes to be among the next in line for the “Living Building” certification.


Lighting and Mechanical - Northridge Local Schools New PK-12

Interior/Exterior Lighting Design
•    Classroom lighting
•    Platform stage lighting
•    Parking lots lighting
•    Iceberg exterior lighting
•    Walkway lighting
•    Roadway lighting

OFCC and IESNA requirements were met.
100% LED light fixtures, except for the 8 stage lighting fixtures.
Achieved a LEED point while maintaining proper lighting for safety.
Daylighting Controls in the classrooms.

Cooling Plant
3 air cooled, scroll water chillers piped in parallel, upstream, 3 ice storage tanks, 600 ton capacity

Heating Plant
• 3 natural gas fired, high efficiency, forced draft, condensing boilers
• Total capacity is 130% of the building design load
• Heating water will be supplied at 140 Deg F

Air Handling Units
•    12 main units are a mixture of single duct VAV reheat and Single Zone VAV
•    Energy recovery wheels
•    Low pressure drops are achieved with large casings and large diameter energy recovery wheels
•    Fan power savings due to the EC Motors

Domestic Water Heating
•    2 gas fired instantaneous water heaters
•    96% thermal efficiency


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